South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg is Branded a ‘Coward’ by the Family of the Man He Ran Over and Killed, Then Claiming He Struck a Deer

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg is Branded a ‘Coward’ by the Family of the Man He Ran Over and Killed, Then Claiming He Struck a Deer

The South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is a ‘coward’, according to the cousin of the man he killed with his car last week.

Ravnsborg, 44, hit and killed Joe Boever, 55, last week while driving on a rural road near Highmore, South Dakota, a small town with a population of 1,500 people located 50 miles east of Pierre.

The AG told a 911 operator he thought he hit a deer or large animal while traveling back to his home in Pierre after attending a fundraising event more than 100 miles away.

Joe Boever’s cousin Victor Nemec told DailyMailTV in an exclusive interview, ‘Jason Ravnsborg is a coward for how he’s acted since killing my cousin. I think his first reaction to the situation was how to save his own a**. Instead of telling us what really happened. He needed to do the right thing even if it’s going to hurt his career.

‘I believe this state is going to try to cover this up as much as possible.’

Victor, 58, a farmer who lives in nearby Holabird, South Dakota, was the last person to see his cousin alive, he told DailyMailTV in an exclusive interview.

‘Last Saturday at 7.49pm to be exact, I was at my brother’s house and I had received a call from my cousin Joe. He told me he had accidentally driven his pickup in a ditch and slammed it into a big round bale of hay. And needed me to come get him and give him a ride home,’ he said.

Joe told Victor he crashed his truck into the ditch because he was trying to pick up his tobacco that had fallen on the floor while he was driving and wasn’t paying attention to the road.

Victor said it was getting dark and they were planning on picking up the truck in the morning. Victor said he was a little concerned about Joe’s blood sugar level because he had recently been diagnosed with diabetes.

‘He was acting a little sluggish,’ he said

Victor said after they arrived back at Joe’s house around 8.30pm he suggested he check his blood sugar level. He did, and they were in the normal range.

Victor said he was still a little concerned about Joe, but knowing that Joe’s pickup was incapacitated and more than a mile away he wasn’t too concerned about him driving. Joe had told Victor he was just going to go to bed and they were going to see each other the following morning.

Victor has no idea why Joe left his house after he had left him for the night. He thinks that Joe may have forgotten something from his truck and went out to retrieve it when he was killed.

The following morning Victor said he called Joe several times on his cell phone and there was no answer so he drove to his house and no one was home. Victor said he let himself inside of Joe’s house and checked every room.

‘Joe’s had a problem with alcohol in the past so I checked all of the trash cans for signs of alcohol but couldn’t find any empty containers,’ he said.

Victor said he was starting to get worried about Joe, because on the way to Joe’s house he saw a highway patrolman on the road next to where his pickup truck was in the ditch and several other emergency vehicles with their lights on.

Victor, while still at Joe’s house, decided to call the Hyde County Sheriff Volek. ‘I asked him whatever is happening on the highway does that have anything to do with my cousin Joe,’ he said.

The sheriff told him to wait at his cousin’s house and they’ll send someone by to talk to him.

Three hours later and no one had showed up to the house so Victor decided to go back to his house.

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Source: Daily Mail