SAT-7 Stands with Beirut on the Screens and on the Ground

Maround Bou Rached – SAT-7 Lebanon Executive Director

As Beirut continues to contend with the aftermath of last month’s explosion, SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS has come alongside those suffering – both with programmes offering spiritual and mental health support, and with on-the-ground initiatives that make God’s love visible on the streets.

“We thank you for your prayers, and we so appreciate them,” says Mirna Adaymi, SAT-7 ARABIC’s Beirut-based Supervisor. “By sight, things are very difficult. But by faith, we know the picture can be different. God can do the impossible. He can do miracles. And so we ask you to keep praying.”

Since the explosion, SAT-7 has broadcast daily prayers for Lebanon from church leaders across the Middle East and North Africa, along with testimonies from the capital on its You Are Not Alone show and special children’s programming to support the youngest victims. The channels are also sharing short, informative clips on coping with mental health after a traumatic event, and they are producing a longer program that will address this in detail.

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SOURCE: Assist New Service