SAT-7 Programs Promote Hope and Support for Women’s Rights in the MENA Region

Credit: Unsplash

SAT-7 shows like Turning Point and Needle and New Thread look to provide women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions with hope and support.

Fighting for Change

Women continue to fight for equal rights and opportunities in the MENA region, and though progress has been made in some areas, many policies, perspectives, and beliefs still need to change. Large numbers of women suffer from everything from domestic abuse to sexual harassment, but many lack support and feel too afraid to come forward. Several SAT-7 programs target these issues. SAT-7’s Joe Willey says Turning Point is one such program.

“‘Turning Point’ [is] a weekly live show for young adults that targets important everyday issues. Viewers call in to offer their comments perspectives, and then there are four panelists who share their experiences, [and], most importantly, biblical wisdom,” he explains.

Another relevant program, “Needle and New Thread, addresses the issues and struggles women in the MENA region face.

“‘Needle and New Thread is a live talk show that offers support for women and addresses current social issues in Egyptian and Arab society,” Willey says. “It has a special focus on young women who are starting out their careers or their married lives.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Support SAT-7 and its programs.
  • Pray the programs will reach women with biblical truth.