Pennsylvania Church Gathers on Kayaks and Canoes to Worship on Water Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Faith United Church of Christ members in kayaks and canoes in the reservoir at Bald Eagle State Park. | Twitter/Rev. Jes Kast

A Pennsylvania church is drawing rave reviews online after its pastor allowed members to gather for worship in kayaks and canoes in the reservoir at Bald Eagle State Park.

In a Twitter post two Sundays ago, the Rev. Jes Kast of Faith United Church of Christ, which shuttered its church building as a result of the pandemic, revealed how she met with her congregants on the water and had “Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Good church.”

“We gathered as a church in kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards and prayed on the water. I preached in a kayak. First time ever. That was so cool!” Kast said.

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, many churches have been creatively navigating restrictions on in-person services with the help of online platforms and a variety of outdoor gatherings that allow social distancing such as meeting in cars in church parking lots or under tents.

Gatherings using kayaks, canoes and paddle boards is another way churches are finding community.

“This is amazing! Did you use any kind of sound amplification?” Ellen Di Giosia asked Kast on the Twitter post.

“No, it seemed that my voice was loud enough for all and the water helped carry it. It was so cool!” Kast replied.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair