Over 130 Healthcare Professionals Sign Letter Supporting Ban on Late-Term Abortion in Colorado

Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center Janet Lyons points to a plastic replica of a fetus at twelve weeks which is used to show women who come into the center to find out if they are pregnant and what the stage of growth looks like, in Waterloo, Iowa, July 6, 2011. | REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

More than 130 medical professionals have signed a letter in support of a proposed late-term abortion ban for the state of Colorado, which will be voted on in November.

Known as Proposition 115, if passed by voters, the measure would ban abortions after 22 weeks into a pregnancy, with the exception for life-threatening medical emergencies for the mother.

The open letter, officially released last Friday, states that there is “no doubt that the 22-week fetus is fully alive and fully human.”

“With advances in medical science, it has become obvious that the fetus is much more than ‘just pregnancy tissue,’ as some would claim,” the letter says.

“There can be no equivocation that the fetus is a living, learning and actively participating human being. Every one of these lives has inherent value and dignity. They deserve to be embraced and protected by the citizens of Colorado, as equal members of our society.”

The doctors also said that when “the pregnancy itself places the mother’s health at risk after 22 weeks, we know that delivery of the baby is safer and quicker than a multi-day abortion procedure.”

“We do not believe that any of the challenges a woman faces after 22 weeks of pregnancy necessitate the senseless destruction of a human life,” they argued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski