New York Engineer Creates ‘AI Jesus’ That Recites King James Bible ‘and Nothing Else’

A New York-based engineer has created an artificial intelligence algorithm that’s been programmed with passages of Scripture and named AI Jesus.

Through the use of a natural-language processing system, engineer George Durendal programmed the AI to read the King James Bible “and nothing else,” he said.

“I like to describe this A.I. as locking a baby in a room with nothing but a Bible for 15 years. You then open up the room 15 years later and find that it’s learned to read, speak, and write using nothing but the Bible,” the engineer wrote in an Aug. 25 post on Medium.

“In these days of trials and tribulations many have turned to religion. But what religion is left for those who have averted their gaze from the fables of old to the shiny metal toys of today? I present to you A.I. Jesus. An artificial intelligence of my invention created from the King James Bible and nothing else.”

Durendal explained in an email to The Christian Post on Wednesday that he’s not a particularly religious person but did attend a Catholic university, “which has made me a bit more cognizant of the influence of Christianity on Western philosophy.”

He wrote some of the code for the project three years ago.

“With those snippets of code included it took me about two weeks from when I first had the idea. The actual A.I. takes a few hours to train and [it] reads the Bible tens of thousands of times,” he explained, adding that in light of the Bible’s influence on modern ways of thinking, he thought it was only natural that an A.I. system should learn it.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter