Listening to Your Calling: Doing A Job That Helps People

If you’re someone who feels compelled to help others, this may be because you think you’ve been called to do your bit to support and aid other people. Careers dedicated to helping others come in a range of shapes and sizes. There’s the option of working in a hands-on role in healthcare or working within the emergency services, there’s the choice of working in a law office, or there’s the route of education to consider.

Plenty of roles

The fact is that there are plenty of roles that you could opt to move into and help others as well as have a rewarding career yourself by doing so. For example, what’s great about medicine is that you’re able to specialize in a niche area, such as working as an adult gerontology nurse practitioner, for instance. By being able to specialize in this way, you can ensure that you’re able to work in an area that you’re truly passionate about, rather than simply working in the industry as a whole.

If you are passionate about putting other people first and would love to have a career in an area where you can help as many people as possible, there are lots of options available to you. If you would like to work directly with people who are struggling or you would like to work to support the whole of society, there are plenty of routes that you could opt to go down. However, it’s important that when it comes to selecting a job role, that you also think carefully about picking a route that’s the right fit for you and your interests.

Are you wondering what your possibilities are when it comes to selecting a job role that will allow you to help others? Below are a few career route ideas – have a read, take note, and decide whether any of these are the best fit for you and your interests.

Medicine and nursing

If you’re someone who wants to be able to help and support people directly, then a role working in the medical sector could be a good option to consider. When you work in a role in medicine and nursing, you’re in a position to be able to help and support people in a truly incredible way directly. Of course, to work in medicine, you will need to undertake a degree in the appropriate field of medical study. Some programs can take up to seven years to complete; however, if medicine is your interest, then it’s worth it to be able to move into your career role of choice.

Teaching and education

Are you passionate about learning? If you’re have always loved to learn and are keen to share their passion for education with others, then a role in the teaching and education sector could be a good route to consider going down. Teaching doesn’t have to just mean working with children and young adults; teaching can also mean training and supporting adults who are undertaking courses and sitting exams. Education is a very diverse sector which boasts plenty of career opportunities in a range of different areas.

If you’re passionate about education, then you might find that a role in education is perfect for you, it’s just a case of knowing which area of education you would like to go into. When it comes to working in education, you will require a range of in-depth training, which may mean that you need to spend some time in education yourself before you can qualify and move into the role that you want to be in.

Social work

Are you someone who would like to work in a role that helps to support the wider community? If so, then you might want to work as a social worker in a role that allows you to help and support families living within your local community. As a social worker, you will be in a unique position to help and support people from across the community, from families with young children to older adults in need of a helping hand. You would have the option of working with criminal offenders who require help and support to get their lives back on the right path after spending a period behind bars.

The fact is that there is a wide range of roles that you can opt to do that would put you in a unique position to help people; it’s just a case of determining which route is the right fit for you and your interests.

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