Jon Steingard, Former Hawk Nelson Frontman, Says He is an Agnostic After Renouncing Christianity

“The Matthew West Podcast”: Jon Steingard’s Journey Through Doubt, 2020 |

Former Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard, who earlier this year said he no longer believes in God, said he’s not an atheist and currently aligns himself more with agnosticism.

In a recent interview on Christian artist Mathew West’s podcast, he explained he never could anticipate receiving so much news coverage after announcing in May that he no longer believes in God.

“I was not entirely prepared for that. It’s been really cool because it’s enabled me to connect with so many people, mostly through Instagram, that are in the same boat as me,” Steingard said.

“The boat for me is that I really thought that I would post that and that I’d be like ‘sweet, great, I’m done with God. And I can just live my life free of this stuff now.’ But what I discovered was, as soon as I did that, I did have freedom, I felt like this whole new level of like ‘I’m not constrained by Christianity. I’m not constrained by being a Christian musician. No one has any expectations like this on me anymore. So now I can believe whatever I want.’ I felt so free, but then very quickly, I was like ‘OK, so what do you believe?'” he continued.

Steingard described the past few months as a crash course in trying to figure out what he actually believes. He is, however, sure that he wants to be part of something “bigger than” himself.

Steingard, a pastor’s kid, said he does feel bad because his mother believes she hears from God and his initial confession of there not being a God then makes her statement invalid.

“I even have a hard time saying I don’t believe in God because I’m sort of like ‘oh, maybe,’” he admitted.

West asked if the musician was agnostic.