Experts Warn About the Consequences and Dangers of Transgender Ideology at 2020 Values Voter Summit

During the first night of the 2020 Values Voter Summit, experts warned about the consequences of American society’s embrace of the ideology associated with the transgender movement, specifically regarding children.

Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, hosted a panel on Tuesday titled, “The Transgender Movement: Indoctrinating and Sterilizing Children.” The first speaker was The Christian Post’s Brandon Showalter, who has reported extensively about the transgender debate.

“We are seeing a growing influence of the transgender movement upon children at a younger and younger age,” Sprigg warned as he kicked off the panel. Sprigg contended that while “the transgender movement presents itself as something scientific,” “there are really profound ideological and philosophical commitments at the heart of it.”

“There’s really nothing scientific about it at all,” Showalter agreed. “The core claim of the transgender movement is that it’s actually possible to be born in the wrong body. This is essentially neo-Gnosticism … the idea that somehow your body itself, as a sexed entity, is somehow wrong.”

“The transgender movement seeks to deconstruct the human person at its most basic biological level,” he added. Showalter went on to describe the transgender movement as a “corporate coup” that “normalizes body dissociation for profit because once you get people to believe that you can be born in the wrong body, there’s a whole cottage industry of medical practices and drugs that enrich a lot of very already fabulously wealthy people.”

“It’s quite a predatory gender industry, and that’s not overstating it,” he asserted.

Sprigg asked Showalter to weigh in on the characterization of the transgender movement as a cult because of “the way that it alienates children … from their parents and their families” and the way “people in schools and even in the healthcare professions have been contributing to that.”

“It’s quite shocking the level at which parents have been deemed the bad guys in these kinds of situations,” he responded. Showalter mentioned a lawsuit taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, over a school district policy that enables children to identify as the opposite sex without their parents’ knowledge. “Parents are kept in the dark about what may be going on psychologically about their child.”

“The same thing is occurring in the healthcare profession,” Showalter said. He proceeded to detail an exchange that a girl who experienced same-sex attraction had with her doctor.

“The doctor started asking all these invasive questions. … The doctor made the mother leave the room and then started to poke and prod and ask all these inappropriate questions about … ‘Are you sure you were born in the right body? Would you like a referral to the trans counselor?’ And it really rattled this girl, who was just same-sex attracted.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley

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