Convoy of Hope Working With Churches to Help People Affected by ‘Almost Apocalyptic’ West Coast Wildfires

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Convoy of Hope, a faith-based disaster relief charity, has been working with churches on the West Coast where it has sent over a dozen loads of supplies to aid families affected by the fires that have burned millions of acres of land in California, Oregon and Washington state and taken more than 30 lives.

“We’ve got at least a dozen loads of resources either already on the ground or en route to some of our partners both in California and Oregon,” Stacy Lamb, senior director of disaster relief for the nonprofit, said in an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday.

“In California and Oregon at the moment, we’re working with multiple churches out there to provide them the resources so that they can do distribution even through to local evacuation centers or whatever the case may be.”

Lamb noted that it’s more useful to work with local partners rather than set up a specific site since the fires are “extremely widespread.”

He contrasted the fires with the work that Convoy of Hope is doing in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where it’s responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura.

“When you take something like fires in California, Oregon, and Washington, where they’re literally stretched over thousands of miles, setting up a single site out there doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” Lamb said.

“So it’s easier to find those partner churches or those hub churches and provide them with the resources and let them distribute locally.”

Lamb told CP about the need for people living elsewhere in the country to “pray for those folks out there” as they deal with a situation that is “almost apocalyptic” and to understand “the scope of the situation.”