Chicago Church Pays Off Over $19 Million in Medical Debt for Area Residents

A congregation in Illinois raised money to pay off more than $19 million in medical debt for residents living in the Chicago metropolitan area.

VIVE Chicago, a nondenominational church that is one of many VIVE campuses across the country, raised $100,000 to pay off area residents’ medical debt, according to an announcement shared with The Christian Post.

The church partnered with the New York-based nonprofit RIP Medical Debt, which was able to use the donation to pay off $19 million in medical debt.

VIVE Lead Pastor Adam Smallcombe said in a statement shared with CP that for many people, financial debt “is a type of modern-day slavery imprisoning whole families and even generations into a cycle of poverty.”

“As the church and as Christians our mandate is to liberate people from all kinds of oppression because only free people can truly free people,” Smallcombe said.

“That’s why we felt as leaders it was necessary to bring this initiative to our church and they responded with bold faith and generosity.”

The church’s donation was part of the overall “For Chicago” campaign, which aims to abolish $78 million in medical debt for approximately 71,000 families in Cook County.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski