Pastor J. D. Greear Says Summit Church Will be Meeting in Homes for the Rest of 2020 Because ‘Even When You Can’t Come to Church, You Can Still be the Church’

The Summit Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Durham, North Carolina, whose pastor is the denomination’s president, won’t be holding services for the remainder of the year due to COVID-19. Instead, they will be hosting small home-based gatherings in a push toward making disciples.

In recently posted guidelines on its website, the church noted that the central idea “is to equip you to be the church in your homes, in your communities, and online in order for you to continue being disciple-making disciples. So even when you can’t come to church, you can still be the church.”

Greear said he believes the shift toward home-based gatherings amid the pandemic is rooted in loving one’s neighbor.

“In North Carolina, our state has done a good job of respecting the First Amendment right of churches,” Greear told The Christian Post. “We’ve also learned from other churches exercising responsibility in the decisions they are making in regards to their own gatherings. Our church has used state guidelines to inform our decisions in order to protect our congregation and the public at large as we see this as the best way to love our neighbor and be a good witness to our community.

“The message we seek to send to our congregation and to our community is that, even when we are unable to gather as a large church on the weekend, the Summit Church is not ‘closed’ because the church exists everywhere the members of the church live,” Greear said. “Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love God with all of our being. He commanded us to make disciples.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter