Pastor of Indiana Church Says Desecration of Statue Honoring Escaped Slave is ‘a Slap in the Face’

The Statue of Lucy Higgs Nichols defaced by vandals. | Screenshot/Facebook

After a 170-year old New Albany church in Indiana saw its statue honoring a woman who escaped slavery after the Civil War defaced with “BLM” graffiti, its pastor spoke out, calling the vandalism “a slap in the face to everybody.”

“This whole situation was really depressing for a lot of our church members,” Pastor LeRoy Marshall told Wave3 News on Friday, a week after someone spray-painted the letters “BLM” and other designs on the nine-foot-tall limestone sculpture of Lucy Higgs Nichols, a Civil War nurse, and her infant daughter, Mona.

“This is a slap in the face to everybody,” Marshall added.

While the sculptor and restorationist David Ruckman chiseled the paint away soon after it was defaced, a sense of loss remained prevalent among the congregation.

“Though our ‘Lucy’ is just a commemorative block of sculpted stone, she represents so much more – as an escaped enslaved African American woman who worked diligently at her on peril and the cost of the life of her daughter nursing Union Indiana white soldiers injured during the Civil War,” Friends of the Town Clock Church, a local nonprofit, said on its Facebook page.

The church is also known as the Town Clock Church and Second Baptist Church.

“Hate in our community has surfaced with the vandalism of the Lucy Higgs Nichols sculpture in the Underground Railroad Gardens,” it added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar