Mississippi Christians Respond After Governor Signs Law Lifting Prohibition-Era Alcohol Ban

Prohibition will officially come to an end in Mississippi next January thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Tate Reeves this week that has left some Christians mixed in their responses to the news. 

Mississippi House Rep. Trey Lamar, a Republican, proposed the bill that essentially flips the current law created in 1972. The possession of alcohol will no longer be illegal by default in all counties across the state. But individual counties can vote to become dry counties once again.

“From and after January 1, 2021, prohibition is renounced as to the possession of alcoholic beverages,” Lamar’s bill reads. “It shall thereafter be lawful to possess alcoholic beverages throughout the state. …”

Until 2021, Mississippi is one of three states that remain entirely dry states by default, joining Tennessee and Kansas. Twenty-nine out of 82 counties in Mississippi are dry counties. However, many dry counties contain municipalities that allow alcohol sales.

For example, alcohol is illegal in Tate County. But in the county seat of Senatobia — Lamar’s home district — alcohol sales are permitted because of a municipal vote.

“I think no matter what you do, someone will always find a loophole,” Allen Lentz, a youth leader at LaBelle Haven Baptist Church in Olive Branch, told The Christian Post in an interview. “It’s not an issue for me, I guess, but when it gets in the hands of young people, it’s a problem.”

Lentz has lived in both wet and dry counties. He said the laws have not impacted his life much at all, but he has seen the destructive qualities of alcohol addiction among other Mississippians.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Blake Fussell