Jerry Wiles on Signs of Spiritual Awakening?

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Revivals, renewals and Spiritual Awakenings are in fact taking place in many parts of the world these days.  There are also many parallels when we study the major revivals and spiritual awakenings throughout history.  Revivals and spiritual awakenings in biblical times usually come during hardships and difficult times.  Significant movements of God have resulted in activating the Body of Christ and many turning to the Lord.  Throughout Scripture and Church history there are many lessons and principles that should encourage each of us as followers of Jesus.

Conditions for Awakenings

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a biblical scholar and historian.  He was sharing with me some of the conditions that existed just before the First and Second Great Awakenings here in the United States. Things were very bad.  There was a lot of turbulence and disturbing developments.  It is amazing when we observe the parallels between cultural issues and societal conditions between then and now.  Moral and spiritual decline seems to set the stage for revival and spiritual awakening and increasing numbers of people coming to an awareness of their need for the Lord.

A Personal Awakening

Whether they are defined as revivals, renewals, awakenings or movements of God, we have been blessed to experience several in the history of this nation.  Many more have happened throughout the rest of the world.  It has been a great blessing to have personally benefited from several movements of God in my lifetime.  The Asbury revival and the Jesus movement (or revolution) of the early 1970s was one of those.  As a college student at the time, I experienced a spiritual transformation and began to actively share the Lord and see many come to Christ.  A key factor for me was having a new passion for sharing with others what God had done in my own life.  It was certainly a personal spiritual awakening for me that became contagious.

The Ripple Effect

There is an abundance of information available about how the Lord worked during the Jesus movement of the 1970s.  Many sermons and lectures have been delivered, and books written giving an account of how the Lord worked during that period.  There has also been an ongoing ripple effect that is still having impact today.  It seems that it was the turbulence of the 1960s that set the stage for that movement.

1984 Olympic Outreach

In the decade of the 1980s there were several pockets of awakenings and significant movements.  A major prayer gathering of more than a million people took place in South Korea during the summer of 1984.  It was just prior to the Summer Olympic Games in Southern California.  There was a lot of prayer and preparation that went into the Olympic Outreach Coalition.  More than 70 mission groups and denominations, and 1,800 churches in the region took part in that outreach effort.  We heard reports that the crime rate in Los Angles was the lowest during that two-week period than it had been in modern history.  It was estimated that more than 1,000 people responded to the gospel every day during that period.  Dr. Ralph Winter, founder of, what was then, the US Center for World Mission, said, “It was the most lavish outpouring of effective, well organized, evangelical attention to any event in history.”

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles

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