Dove Award-winning Christian Musician Fernando Ortega Remembers Late Country Singer Charlie Daniels

Fernando Ortega. Photo credit: Jeff LeFever.

Dove Award-winning Christian musician, Fernando Ortega, remembers Charlie Daniels.

Ortega states, “I met Mr. Daniels at a Billy Graham Crusade back in 2001, shortly after the World Trade Center attacks. It was a surreal scene, singing for over 40,000 people who were uneasy about being in such a crowded space so soon after the horror we witnessed on TV.

“From the stage I could see an AWAC plane flying overhead, and I could see several SWAT team officers stationed on top of the stadium overhang. I think I sang four songs that day with my fantastic band mates.  When I exited the stage, Charlie Daniels came up to say hello. I remember him being somewhat of a giant. When he bear-hugged me, I was lifted clean off the ground for several seconds. It was a funny moment and my band got a kick out of seeing my legs dangling back and forth while Charlie hugged me and said kind things about my songs. Mr. Daniel’s set that day was upbeat and energy-filled, and the crowd loved him. I’m grateful for the very brief chance I got to meet him.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Brian Nixon