CDC Says U.S. Coronavirus Infections Are Over 10 Times Higher Than Reported

Creator: CHENEY ORR | Credit: Reuters

The coronavirus may be an even bigger problem than previously thought.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a new study that found that the numbers of COVID-19 cases in some areas of the US were more than 10 times higher than reported between March and May.

Based on antibody testing, places including New York and South Florida had drastically more coronavirus cases than were initially reported during the first wave, according to the paper, published in JAMA Internal Medicine on Tuesday.

More than 16,000 samples were collected from San Francisco, Connecticut, southern Florida, Louisiana, Minneapolis, Missouri, New York City, Philadelphia, Utah and western Washington. The number of people who tested positive for coronavirus antibodies — meaning they had the virus at one point — was much higher than the number of cases reported from the same time.

Limited testing availability during this period and the fact that many carriers of the virus can be asymptomatic may have contributed to the striking disparity, the researchers said.

“The findings may reflect the number of persons who had mild or no illness or who did not seek medical care or undergo testing but who still may have contributed to ongoing virus transmission in the population,” the study reads.

In Connecticut, where the lowest gap was found, infections were six times higher than the state reported. In Missouri, positive antibody tests were 23.8 times higher than actual reported cases — the highest discrepancy cited in the study.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Marisa Dellatto