Carol Round on Let Your Light Shine for All to See

“Don’t hide your light! Let it shine for all; let your good deeds glow for all to see, so that they will praise your heavenly Father”—Matthew 5:15-16 (NLT).

Have you found it difficult to let your light shine lately? I have. It’s not just the continued increase in COVID-19 cases, either. The pandemic has divided us a nation.

Those who wear a mask, to hopefully prevent the spread, also follow social distancing guidelines. Then, there is the opposing side, the ones who don’t wear a mask in public or observe social distancing guidelines. I fall into the former group. However, I’m not going to take sides. It does no good because most of us have our mind made up.

This division has led to ugly confrontations. A recent video recorded a woman who was asked to leave a shoe store because she wasn’t wearing a mask. Angry at the employee who confronted her, the shopper threw several shoe boxes at her before exiting the store.

Can We Let Go of the Anger?

I’m angry. Angry at the division in our country. Angry at the way people on both sides have expressed their views. I’ve unfollowed friends on social media who continue to encourage strife.

Allowing the negativity to affect me, I’ve struggled to write my weekly blog posts. I’ve prayed, asking God for help so I can continue to use my gifts for His glory. Sometimes, the words won’t flow. Other times, His Holy Spirit takes over and my fingers fly across the keyboard.

I want His light to shine through me and the words He gives me. My anger must dissipate before I can write. But I can’t put the anger aside without God. It requires me to soak in His Holy Word.

Seeking God Through His Word

A recent phone call to a friend reminded me we need to encourage each other during this stressful time. We all need encouragement, but even more so now. I know I do.

When my friend revealed her state of mind, I was surprised. In the past, we’ve had some deep discussions about the faith we share. During our conversation, she admitted she’d lost her connection to God. She wasn’t reading or studying her Bible. Confessing her lack of prayer time, she knew something was wrong.

I shared my own struggles, agreed to keep her in prayer, and committed to sending her a daily positive message. For many years, I’ve been sending inspiring Scripture and Christian quotes to various family members and friends. Using my phone’s messenger app has become a way of connecting and encouraging those I love.

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SOURCE: Assist News