California Bans Singing in Any Indoor Religious Services

Conservative politicians and Christian leaders alike in the United States railed against California legislators for a new coronavirus-related regulation that bans singing in any indoor religious services, even with masks on, under new guidelines issued Wednesday (7/1/20) by the Department of Public Health.

And after pointing out the irony of unfettered protests in the US amidst the ongoing pandemic, Bethel Music worship leader, Sean Feucht, posted a photo of his reaction (featured/below).

Feucht tweeted Friday: “Welcome to California. We encourage you to shout with thousands during protests but have banned you from singing in church to God.”

Several influential leaders, including Pastor Jentezen Franklin, said that the government order was discriminatory and goes against the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion clause which states that everyone in the US has the right to practice his or her own religion. Franklin also pointed to the government’s apparent green light to the recent marches in the US.

“California’s Governor just banned singing/chanting at church,” Franklin tweeted Friday. “Catholics can’t recite mass; Evangelicals can’t worship out loud. The very definition of discrimination is to allow thousands to march and scream without masks while telling churches 100 or less that you cannot sing.”

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SOURCE: Assist News