WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Tells Charlamagne tha — That White Privilege is a ‘Liberal, Political Construct’ to Get People to ‘Admit They’re Guilty of Doing Things They Haven’t Done’ During Heated Discussion Over George Floyd’s Death on “The Breakfast Club”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed he doesn’t believe that white privilege exists, and that it is a construct of the Democratic party in a fiery discussion with Charlamagne tha God Monday.

Limbaugh appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss the death of George Floyd and called for the officer accused of killing him to be charged with first-degree murder.

The conversation became heated around the discussion of white privilege, however, with Limbaugh claiming it was constructed by Democrats to get people to ‘admit they’re guilty of doing things they haven’t done’.

‘The powers that be don’t want to change this system,’ Charlamagne tha God said.

Rush Limbaugh appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss George Floyd’s death, pictured

‘RIP to George Floyd but that was not an isolated incident, this is a regular occurrence. How are you going to use your privilege as a white male to combat this prejudice?’

‘I don’t buy into the notion of white privilege,’ Limbaugh answered.

‘I think that’s a liberal, political construct right along the lines of political correctness, it’s designed to intimidate and get people to shut up and admit they’re guilty of doing things they haven’t done.

‘I don’t have any white privilege.’

‘You’re being delusional,’ Charlamagne shot back.

Limbaugh later added: ‘I don’t think I’m a white supremacist and I don’t think there’s a lot of white supremacy going on out there. This is one of the divides.

‘I’m not in any denial here I just think it’s a politically charged aspect of the Democrats policy and liberalism.

‘I don’t cave or compromise any iota to liberalism no matter what so white supremacy and white privilege is a construct of today’s Democrat party and I’m not going to agree with any aspect of it as they put it forth,’ Limbaugh continued.

‘I’m not denying that there are certain individuals out there who think they are better than other people but structurally, institutionally, white supremacy, it’s a construct.’

‘You can’t see how white people are treated better in this company?’ he was asked to which he said it was just ‘life’.

‘You have no idea how I have been mistreated by various groups and individuals my whole life, it’s called life and it happens,’ Limbaugh said.

‘We’re all mistreated. I’ve been fired nine times in my career.’

Charlamagne and co-hosts, Angela Yee and DJ Envy welcomed Limbaugh onto their show Monday amid the current unrest as they said there is a need to ‘come together on either side’.

‘We will start with a conversation that we think might be the first step,’ they said, billing it as ‘two of the nation’s “biggest – and most polarized” voices’.

The conversation started in a more civil manner with Limbaugh claiming that he was outraged by Floyd’s death.

‘We only get one life… but George Floyd had his taken away from him he didn’t lose it,’ the conservative radio host said.

‘I think most Americans are just as angry and sad about it as I am and about the cops that stood around and didn’t say anything. I just wanted to share the emotion I have with you guys.’

He also showed disgust for the white former cop shown in the video of Floyd’s arrest kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes.

‘How can anybody be that insensitive and stupid,’ he asked.

‘There shouldn’t be legalized murder… George Floyd, by everything I’ve been able to tell, was a good guy he did not even come close to deserving having his life taken from him. I think that cop should be charged with first-degree murder.’

But Limbaugh argued that Floyd’s death ‘is not America’.

‘America is a place of opportunity if you care to go out and find it,’ he claimed.

‘The people ripping up the street last night, the Antifa types, disagree with the whole concept of America.’

‘It’s not just the Antifa types, you see all these white folks out there protesting, looting, raising hell,’ Charlamagne argued back.

Limbaugh countered by using Charlamagne as an example of what he believes can be achieved in America.

‘You are a testament to the opportunity available in the America,’ he said.

‘Look at you. How did you do it? What did you have to overcome to become the breakfast club? What did you have to do to become dominant in morning drive and American radio?

‘Who held you back or what were you able to overcome to do it? The opportunity is there is the only thing I’m saying.’

‘This is a country that denies black people plain decency and then acts like we’re supposed to be happy to be here because it allows a few of us to make a few dollars while the majority of us are out,’ Charlamagne returned.

The conversation turned heated again as Limbaugh brought up Colin Kaepernick and if protests would have happened over George Floyd if the quarterback had been recruited by a team this year.

The quarterback is a free agent after he went unsigned by an NFL team following he continued to kneel during the national anthem before games in a Black Lives Mater protest.

‘That’s not going to stop right supremacy,’ Charlamagne said in disbelief.

The discussion took its most fiery turn, however, when the subject of white privilege was highlighted again.

Limbaugh claimed that if George Floyd had been a white man, we never would have heard of his death, to which Charlamagne argued that was because the police officer ‘would have been arrested, charged with murder before this all happened, before the video hit social media’.

‘As long as there’s a system of white supremacy, there will always be these types of situations. As long as that person it not willing to dismantle the white supremacy. We’ve seen this a million times,’ he added.

‘We need to stop pretending was isn’t done by design.

‘It’s damn hard to get any 80-year-old man to change a system that has been working for him and his family for years. I don’t care if it’s Biden and Trump.’

Limbaugh then asked why they would continue voting for Democrats if ‘they haven’t done a damn thing or haven’t even punished the people you claim have been doing the same thing’.

‘I’m not letting anybody politicize black pain,’ Charlamagne said.

Limbaugh also stood in defense of President Trump who he said was humble and disputed claims that he was attempting to incite tension and violence.

‘The guy has had everyone and his uncle telling lies and falsehoods about him and he’s fed up with it,’ Limbaugh claimed.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Frances Mulraney

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