Rachel Alexander on A Look at the Left’s New Chaotic Utopia: Seattle’s Autonomous Zone CHAZ

Last week, Antifa and various radicals took over Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, a very lefty part of the city. They told the police they were not allowed in the area, and put up barricades to keep them out. So how are things working out in this new leftist utopia?

Seattle’s far left Mayor Jenny Durkam didn’t seem to care. She said the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Occupy Protest, has a “block party atmosphere” and could turn into a “summer of love.” It is “not an armed takeover” (despite the armed patrols guarding the perimeter).

But that’s not what Seattle’s Police Chief Carmen Best is saying — and considering she reports to the mayor, it’s saying a lot that she would come out and contradict her. “Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we’re not able to get to [them],” she warned. Emergency calls from the area have tripled. I wonder why?

Reports from people within CHAZ say it’s overrun with homeless people and drug addicts. Assistant Chief of Seattle Police Deanna Nollette said she’s heard complaints about businesses being required to pay a fee in order to operate in CHAZ. She said victims should call 911, but it’s not clear what the police can do since CHAZ is trying to keep them out of the zone.

Rachel Alexander

video shows Antifa holding down a street preacher by his neck, hypocritically reminiscent of what happened to George Floyd, and evidence this is not about the death of Floyd. The preacher struggles and yells, “You’re choking me! I am a free citizen of the autonomous zone!” One of the militarized looking men around him says, “The autonomous zone has the right to reject you.”

In another video, a gay man holds his hands around the preacher’s neck while he’s standing, taunts him that he is a gay man hugging him and kisses him on the cheek. The preacher is carrying a large sign that says “Jesus” and keeps repeating “Glory to the king.” They finally let him go but appear to be escorting him out of CHAZ. Later on he is seen on the ground yelling “This is a Jesus Christ zone!” Several men appear to be holding him down.

The occupiers pushed out a man who claimed he was a pro-life activist, saying foul things about him and calling him a white supremacist. There was zero evidence that he was. A group of people carrying American flags were chased out. The occupiers stole a flag from them and threw a drink at them. So much for all those signs posted around the area touting diversity.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Rachel Alexander