Piers Morgan to Donald Trump: You’re Not Fit to Light Churchill’s Cigar, Mr President, So Stop Dividing and Start Uniting a Country Crying Out in Pain

President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared his ludicrous march from the White House to nearby historic St John’s Church to Britain’s greatest Prime Minister visiting London neighbourhoods hit by German bomber planes during the World War II Blitz. None of this was a ‘leadership moment’ showing us ‘resilience and determination’. It was more a moment of shameful desecration that appalled religious leaders. As America faces one of the darkest hours in its history, President Trump’s done nothing but pour fuel onto the fires, stoke division not unity, and make things immeasurably worse with his shocking complacency over coronavirus and his equally shocking ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ escalation of tensions during the George Floyd crisis. It comes to something when it falls to Meghan Markle to give the President a lesson in how to show leadership at a time like this. America urgently needs its president to stop dividing and start uniting, address the people from the Oval Office, and be a damn leader.

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SOURCE: Mail Online