Mosaic MSC Releases Latest Worship Album “HUMAN” to Remind People of What We Have in Common

Mosaic MSC released their new album, “Human,” on May 15, 2020. | Paul Freundlich Associates

Mosaic MSC released their latest album HUMAN with a message of hope and unity amid the global coronavirus pandemic, which has been followed by nationwide protests in the wake of the death of Gorge Floyd. 

The group, which is comprised of worship leaders from Mosaic church in Los Angeles, California, was founded by Pastor Erwin McManus. Mosaic MSC includes individuals from different backgrounds and aims to bring all people together in a musical think-tank that “promotes creativity and individuality,” a press release states.

Their lead single, “Fountain (I Am Good),” has received over half a million streams and is looking to follow the success of their breakout anthem “Tremble,” which spent 33 weeks on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart with over 100 million streams across digital platforms.

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Mosaic MSC member Brooke Figueroa where she shares more details about their new album and how the group is staying encouraged in the midst of uncertainty.

CP: How has it been having to navigate an album release in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?

Figueroa: We wish we could come together in person to celebrate because we’re so excited for this record. But the beautiful thing about music is that it can reach anyone, anywhere.

A pandemic won’t stop people from worshiping wherever they are.

CP: What led you to name the album HUMAN?

Figueroa: We did our best to make each track sound “human” — themes that are relatable, language that’s easily understandable.

We asked, “what do all of us as humans have in common?”

CP: “Fountain (I Am Good)” is a declaration of identity. Will you talk about the importance of making a declaration like that?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law