London Hides Its History: Mayor Sadiq Khan Has the Cenotaph, Winston Churchill’s Statue and Other ‘At Risk’ Monuments Boarded Up to Protect Them From Attack Ahead of Another Weekend of Black Lives Matter Protests in City

Workers last night boarded up the Cenotaph and Winston Churchill’s statue to protect them from damage ahead of another weekend of protests in the capital. Scaffolding appeared around Churchill’s statue at Parliament Square and the nearby Cenotaph late on Thursday evening after concerns they could yet again be targeted by Black Lives Matter activists. The monument of Britain’s war-time leader as the country battled the Nazis was covered in graffiti that said ‘Churchill was a racist’ and in a separate incident an activist tried to set fire to a union flag on the Cenotaph, that commemorates the country’s dead from the First World War. It comes amid fears of a clash between Black Lives Matters activists and far-right thugs who have vowed to descend upon the city at the weekend to protect the statues. The protests – sparked by the killing of George Floyd by US police officers – have ignited a discussion about Britain’s imperial past and historical figures associated with slavery and racism. Last Sunday activists tore down the statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston before dumping him in the city’s harbour.

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SOURCE: Mail Online