Kurdish Refugee in Greece Receives Jesus Christ as his Saviour After Jesus Appeared to him in a Dream

Before the novel coronavirus struck, a Muslim refugee accepted an invitation to come to a native ministry’s Bible study at a home in Greece.

Arman* had fled military conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan with his young son and was living in a refugee camp. After the Bible study and discussion at the home of one of the native ministry’s interpreters, the group leader asked the Kurdish refugee if they could pray for him.

Arman said yes but was shocked when those praying for him referred to Jesus Christ as God.

“His eyes got big, and he spoke about this,” an assistant director of the native ministry said, recalling how Arman objected to referring to any man as God. “We said, ‘OK, so let’s ask God to reveal Himself to you.’”

Arman had been homeless when he first arrived at the ministry office, and the local missionaries initially put him up in a hotel before they managed to find a place for him at a refugee camp. A few days after the Bible study, he showed up at the ministry office again and told the interpreter he had dreamt about Christ, the assistant director said.

Someone came to him in his dream and said, “I am Jesus – you need to get clean.”

Arman told him that someone came to him in his dream and said, “I am Jesus – you need to get clean. Your son is clean, but you are dirty. You need to get clean. Go to [the ministry director], and he will wash you.”

And so he had come to the ministry office, Arman told the intrepreter. The interpreter was surprised, as Arman hadn’t had much contact with the director (unnamed for security reasons), and they spoke different languages – the director Arabic, and Arman Sorani.

He met with the director, and they had their first discussions about God. Arman was skeptical of Christ’s claim in the New Testament that He and the Father were one, and that those who had seen Him had seen the Father.

Another Dream

He later showed up at the ministry center again, however, looking for explanation of another dream.

“He was in a place where it was raining, and then it started to snow, and everything was dirty,” the assistant director said, recalling the dream. “He was there with his son in the filth, and he saw someone coming to hug his son. But this figure was like the light. He couldn’t see a face. He hugged his son and told him that now he was clean.”

The figure of light lifted his son up and placed him in a house that apparently belonged to Arman, the assistant director said.

“Then He turned to Arman and told him, ‘Now it’s your turn. Go to [the director] and ask to get cleaned.’”

Although the director did not speak his language, the dreams pointed to him as the one who would guide Arman through the steps of repentance and salvation, the director said.

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission