Jim Rotholz on God Must be Part of the Conversation If We Want to End Racism

Racism is yoked to ethnocentrism, the belief that one’s own people and culture are superior. 

Current protesters’ emphasis on race employs the same divisive language and discriminatory mindset they are keen to change. The designation BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) is complicit in the very process it opposes. Divide-and-conquer mentalities cannot unify and overcome.

An entirely different paradigm is needed.

The Problem with Race

Historically, those in authority protected their privilege and power by drawing racial lines at convenient points along humanity’s continuum. That allowed the mere concept of race to become the destructive instrument of racism.

Contemporary notions of race derive from European colonial expansion. Scientific efforts to systematize human diversity encountered in distant lands first equated race with skin color. The theory of unilineal cultural evolution  emerged, cementing the view that blacks were primitive, whites advanced, and other hues somewhere in between.

Believing race is real focuses on such differences. Human nature’s dark side pits “our people” against “not our people,” justifying hatred and violence toward the latter. Racist ideologies litter history and span the globe.

Most people erroneously think that what divides us is what defines us.

The Human Solution

Secular society and good-willed humanists attempt to force change through outward measures which can and do facilitate improvements. But they cannot get at the root of the problem to achieve effective and lasting change, for they assume that changed laws will cultivate moral integrity. Yet laws only work through the threat of force by a policing and judicial system that punishes law-breakers. Guns and jails, not goodwill, make laws work.

Those demanding change use the same power-based playbook as the system they oppose. Yet if the collective moral compass is broken, laws mandating equality are easily side-stepped and misapplied  —  strategies that allow systemic racism to persist despite constitutional guarantees meant to abolish it.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jim Rotholz