Hitman in Peru Looking for Victim Finds Jesus Christ Instead

An armed stranger recently rode his motorcycle into a mountain village in northern Peru and parked it in front of a Protestant church building of mud and stone with rough-hewn, wooden beams supporting the roof.

On that foggy morning, the Sunday service seemed as good a place as any to begin looking for the man he had been hired to kill.

He had a .38 revolver tucked into his jacket but didn’t plan to use it then. He just wanted to see if the man he’d followed from another village was taking cover there. The man the gunman had been hired to kill lived only about 80 yards from his own home in the other village.

Inside, as he scanned the backs of woolen cap-covered heads, he heard the preacher reading from the Bible about someone asking Jesus what the greatest commandment was. The gunman took a seat in the back row to make himself less conspicuous.