Harry Hargrave on Looking to Scripture in a Time of Pain and Division

Over the past couple of weeks, I have reflected and prayed, examining my own heart and mind in light of the weighty — and needed — conversations taking place in this country on racial equality. Not having had the same experiences in life, I know I will never understand the pain and suffering that men, women and children of color in our nation have endured for hundreds of years and continue to experience today.

Harry Hargrave is CEO of Museum of the Bible. | Courtesy of Harry Hargrave

It’s important to acknowledge that people of color are grieving differently and more profoundly right now, as the pain of yet another inexcusable loss is still very fresh. I’m grateful to the many people on our team at Museum of the Bible who have contacted me to share their own experiences, fears and grief. I look forward to and welcome more conversations like these in the days ahead. In fact, now more than ever it’s time for Americans to talk — and listen — to each other. To look each other eye to eye and share from our hearts and work to find a path toward healing, together.

Still, some of us may feel at a loss for what exactly to do right now. But Scripture reminds us that we shouldn’t have to ponder for too long. In Micah 6:8, we read that God requires three things of us: to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with him.

We must come together and do those things. I believe that the Bible is a deep well of wisdom that offers us a way forward as individuals and as a country as we work to conquer the sin of systemic racism. In fact, the Bible has historically been a catalyst for justice movements and reforms in our nation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Harry Hargrave