CEO of Holy Land in Minneapolis Fires his Own Daughter From Business After Racist Posts From her Past Resurface

Wadi family (credit: CBS)

The CEO of Holy Land, a gourmet grocery, bakery and deli in the Twin Cities, has announced the decision to fire his own daughter after racist posts from her past resurfaced.

CEO Majdi Wadi addressed the incident on the company’s Facebook page Thursday morning.

“As a business that was formed by immigrants, we do not tolerate this type of behavior because it is completely against our beliefs and faith,” Wadi said.

Wadi went on to explain that while his daughter, Lianne Wadi, was a teenager when she made the racist posts, her employment with the company has been terminated.

“I believe that these social media posts do not accurately reflect who my daughter is as a person now, as she has been involved in bettering herself and her community by donating her time and energy to advocate for all people of color,” Wadi explained. “Prior to these posts surfacing, my daughter has already been participating in the protests for the Black Lives Matter movement. I have personally observed her provide aid to families and businesses throughout the Twin Cities and will continue to do so.”

Wadi added that he sincerely apologizes for the “senseless slurs” and pledges to ensure that his family and team members all demonstrate high integrity and moral compass guidelines moving forward.

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SOURCE: CBS Minnesota