British Pastor George Hargreaves Wins Discrimination Claim After Being Targeted at Work for Stating His Beliefs on Homosexuality

Rev George Hargreaves Credit: Matthew Fearn/PA Archive

Former disco music writer-turned-Christian pastor in England, who says he was shunned at work after making what a coworker believes was a homophobic comment, has won a discrimination claim in an employment tribunal.

London Central Tribunal Centre Judge Andrew James ruled in favor of 62-year-old Rev. George Hargreaves and found that the pastor had been unfairly targeted by a former colleague for stating his religious beliefs on homosexuality, according to British media reports.

Hargreaves currently works as a concierge for a homeless charity in South Kensington called Evolve Housing + Support. He wrote the hit 1980s song “So Macho” before being ordained in 1990 as a Pentecostal pastor. He also found the right-wing political party the Christian Party in 2004.

According to The Daily Mail, Hargreaves filed a complaint after a former colleague, Elizabeth Akano, who is in her 20s, started ignoring him around January 2019 and even told him that she no longer respected him because of his views on homosexuality.

The tribunal was told Akano and Hargreaves had a discussion at work one day in which “Akano made a comment to the effect that ‘people are born gay.’” Hargreaves replied something to the effect that “pedophiles make the same argument, that they are born that way.”

He added that “even if people are born with a condition, that does not put it beyond God’s ability to change or heal it.”

He claimed that the coworker created a “humiliating” environment for him as she allegedly purposefully ignored him.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith