WATCH – Pandemic Politics: President Trump Shows Off Personalized POTUS Face Mask but Refuses to Wear It in Public as he Defies Michigan AG’s Demand to Mask Up on Tour of Ford Factory – Then Claims he Did Wear One ‘but Out of Sight of the Press’ because he Didn’t Want to Give the Media the ‘Pleasure of Seeing It’

President Donald Trump defied Michigan’s mandatory face covering policy on Thursday and toured a Ford Motor factory with no mask even though the company’s executive chairman asked him to put on one. President Trump said he wore a face mask while in the back area of the factory – and showed off the navy blue covering with the seal of the president on it – but added he didn’t want to give the media the ‘pleasure’ of seeing him wear one. ‘I wore one in this back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it,’ Trump said during his tour of the Rawsonville Components Plant. ‘I had the googles and the mask.’

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SOURCE: Mail Online