Ward Simpson on The Truth About GOD TV’s New Hebrew TV Channel in Israel

Last month, GOD TV launched a Hebrew speaking cable television channel on Israeli cable TV called Shelanu. (Shelanu is Hebrew for “ours”. Jesus/Yeshua is our Messiah.) We were approached by the HOT cable network, inquiring about GOD TV resuming its Israel broadcast. We responded by asking if we could broadcast content in Hebrew to the general public. On completion of the application process, HOT answered in the affirmative.

On news of this amazing and historic opportunity, we met with 120 Messianic leaders in Israel and presented this opportunity to them. We asked for their support, blessing and partnership to ensure that the channel avoided any appearance of any questionable content especially as it related to the past evils done to the Jewish people in the name of Christianity.

An oversight board of local Jewish messianic and Arab Israeli believers was appointed to decide on appropriate content. The result is that approximately 70% of the channel is produced in Israel by local ministries. Shelanu TV provides an outlet of expression for thousands of Israeli Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs to express their faith in Yeshua on cable TV, just as it is afforded to many other groups including the Ethiopian, Russian and Arab communities in Israel.

Once the channel was launched, it created a firestorm of controversy. Accusations of illegal proselytizing, anti-Semitic behavior, replacement theology and the like were directed towards the management of GOD TV. The anti-missionary Orthodox community flexed its muscles to have Shelanu TV cancelled, and, to our complete shock, this call was also mirrored by some Christian ministries. The channel is now under review and the authorities are expected to make a decision any day now.

What is absurd to us is that anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist content is broadcast freely every day on cable television in Israel, without any restrictions, but the authorities want to shut down a channel they legally approved, a channel that Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs have their democratic right to.

In spite of this great opposition, and as long as this door remains open, GOD TV will preach the good news of Yeshua the Messiah in Hebrew on Israeli TV. That’s what followers of Jesus do. They share their faith. With everyone! We take the words of Jesus seriously, namely, that the gospel message begins in Jerusalem (see Luke 24:44-47; Acts 1:8). And we agree with the apostle Paul, who taught that the gospel was to the Jew first and also to the Gentile (see Romans 1:16).

We believe Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah, and that we received the message and gift of salvation from the Jewish people. Much like the Hebrew Bible, even our New Testament was written by Jewish leaders who arose in Israel. The command to share our faith with the entire world is a major tenet of Christianity.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ward Simpson