Wallace Henley on Seeking Truthful Information in an Age of Disinformation: The ‘Itching Ears’ Syndrome (Part 2)

People now go to media “seeking affirmation rather than information,” John Dickerson once opined on “CBS This Morning.”

While there’s much with which to disagree from CBS News and other establishment media, Dickerson accurately defined the problem in the age of information-disinformation.

The Apostle Paul warned that “itching ears” would cause people to listen only to teachers who said what they wanted to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3-4) What is true concerning biblical doctrine is also true generally.

In the age of information-disinformation the “itching ears syndrome” will drive people to take their information from sources that spin the story to their preferences.

“’Mass media’ is now an oxymoron,” said Katy Couric. She lamented that people “get their information and their content from different places, often those that affirm their existing beliefs.”

Thankfully, there are indeed many “different places” where people can now get their daily, hourly, moment-by-moment updates rather than the journalistic triumvirate reigning over the information feed mostly from New York.

Those “different places” emerged because people began to realize that the grand institutions of journalism were increasingly interjecting their own viewpoints, subtly tilting the reports, and becoming increasingly subjective.

The establishment media now may lament so many “different places” as news sources, but they have no one to blame but themselves.

In Part I of this series we noted what happens when the hubris of celebrity reporters collides with the hubristic presidency. The outcome is like the collision of matter and anti-matter: annihilation. In this case it is the obliteration of information that “we, the people” need.

The negative outcome of the contemporary media environment is that many of us have become accustomed to being spoon-fed the news and information that forms our beliefs and opinions.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henley