TikTok User Cracks Recipe for Starbucks’ Frappuccino and Shows How to Make It At Home

TikTok food influencer @caughtsnackin , from London, has revealed all you need to do is blended up ice cubes, espresso, cup of milk, chocolate syrup and granulated sugar to make up a Frappucino at home

Starbucks fans have revealed how to make similar versions of Frappucinos at home, with one sharing his method of rustling up the mocha frappe and another showing how to create a strawberry and cream version.

TikTok food influencer @caughtsnackin, from London, explained that all you need to do is blend up ice cubes, espresso, a cup of milk, chocolate syrup and granulated sugar to make the drink in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Aimee Birtle shared her recipe for the strawberry and cream version to the Facebook group Extreme Bargaining and Couponing, showing that you can make a version of the iced drink using Nesquik and double cream.

It comes after Starbucks revealed their recipe to the chocolate Frappucino exclusively to Femail, with users making twists to try it at home using difference flavours.

To recreate her take of the strawberry and cream frappe, Aimee revealed she mixed ice, 10 teaspoons of strawberry Nesquik powder, 100ml of double cream and milk in a blender and whizzed it up for 30 seconds.

Aimee shared her recreation of the Instagram-friendly baby pink best seller, which she claimed is just like the real thing.

She penned: ‘If anyone’s missing their Starbucks or McDonald’s frappe these taste the same as Starbucks’ strawberries and cream.

How to make Starbucks’ Mocha Frappucino at home


 Ice cubes

Two shots of espresso

Cup of milk for creaminess

 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup (plus extra for topping)

2 tbsp of granulated sugar

Squirty (whipped) cream


 1. Add all ingredients apart from the whipped cream to a blender and whizz up

2. Pour into glass and top with whipped cream and drizzle over chocolate syrup

‘Fill blender with ice. Add 10 teaspoons of strawberry Nesquik milkshake powder.

‘Add 100ml of double cream. Top up with milk. Blend for around 30 seconds. Top with spray cream. Serves 2.’

Other Facebook users loved her post, and it quickly racked up hundreds of likes and comments.

‘Tried this today, looks great’ wrote one.

How to make Strawberry and Cream Frappucino at home

 INGREDIENTS  (serves two) 


10 teaspoons of strawberry nesquik

 100ml of double cream and milk

Whipped cream


 1. Add all ingredients apart from the whipped cream to a blender and whizz up for 30 seconds

2. Pour into glass and top with whipped cream

‘Tried and loved, thank you!’ added another.

‘I love this’ commented a third.

Fans equally loved the mocha version of the drink, with many saying they were keen to recreate it at home.

It comes after FEMAIL spoke to the nation’s favourite cafes, including Pret a Manger and Starbucks, who have shared exclusive recipes and tricks for making some of their most popular drinks.

Fans equally loved the mocha version of the drink, saying they were going to create it at home

How to make a Starbucks Frappucino, Iced Coffee and Cold Brew at home

Cold foam cappuccino


  • 250ml of skimmed milk
  • Your favourite coffee (Two shots of espresso or quarter cup of water with one teaspoon of instant coffee)
  • Ice


  1.   Pour two shots of Espresso over ice
  2.  Using a cafetiere, froth milk until its silky smooth
  3.  Pour milk over ice in a glass
  4.  Pour espresso over the top

 Classic Iced Cappuccino 


  • Milk (optional)
  • Ice
  • Sugar (optional)
  •  Coffee


1. Prepare your favourite coffee as desired

2.  Pour over coffee

 Cold Brew

Chocolate Frappucino 


  • One cup of milk
  • Two teaspoons of cocoa powder
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  •  Two cups of ice
  • Whipped cream


  1. In a blender, add milk, cocoa powder and sugar, and ice
  2.  Blend until smooth
  3.  Pour into a glass and add whipped cream for the perfect topping


Starbucks also told FEMAIL that customers can find the same high quality, 100 per cent Arabica coffee used by Starbucks baristas sold in grocery stores across the UK.

Here, their coffee masters share how to make the perfect cup at home.  

Amp up your coffee with one of these creative household hacks

· Make it minty: If you want a natural flavour for your mocha or hot chocolate, brew mint tea (or mint leaves) and use this beautifully brewed water to make your hot chocolate or mocha

· A dash of cinnamon makes all the difference: Spice up your French Press by adding a pinch of cinnamon to the grounds before plunging for a spicy kick to your morning coffee

· Add cheese! Yes, really… Serve bold dark Asian coffees with a cheese board pairing – this is where dreams come true! If you are open to getting your mind blown, grind the coffee very fine, cut up some cubes of medium cheddar, dip into honey and then dip into the ground coffee and eat… honestly this is a game changer!

 Make that iced coffee even better

· Make Cold Brew at home by steeping coffee in a French Press for 20 hours and letting it cool. Add slices of orange if using an African coffee as it highlights the juicy acidic notes.

· Make coffee ice cubes with VIA sachets and add to already iced coffee so the flavour doesn’t dilute

· Add honey to hot or cold coffee for a calming natural sweetness

· Let a French Press of Kenyan coffee cool to room temperature, mix equal parts coffee and lemonade in a glass, add ice and enjoy a refreshing afternoon beverage

· Add a vanilla pod to your French press for a subtle hint of vanilla as the coffee infuses.

SOURCE: Daily Mail,