Sam Rohrer on Why We Need True Heroes

Memorial Day is a great time to think about heroes — those who served for our freedom and to help shape America. But as the president of the American Pastors Network, I’m also thinking this week about biblical heroes and what made them great.

Hebrews Chapter 11, the Bible’s Hall of Fame, says that faith is required in life and death to please God. We’re reminded that walking by faith is righteous but walking by sight is sin. Real heroes please God walking by faith and demonstrating strength, courage and leadership.

Elisha — Seeing Things Others Couldn’t

In II Kings 6:17, Elisha asked God to open the eyes of his servant so he could see what Elisha by faith was already seeing — a mountain full of flaming horses and chariots guarding the man of faith. Be assured. Those who’re powerful in faith can see things others can’t see and do things others can’t do.

Daniel — Politician and Prophet

From the time I was young, Daniel, the politician and prophet, was my hero. Kidnapped, orphaned, sexually abused and relocated to a foreign, idolatrous nation, Daniel stood the test of character by purposing in his heart to trust God, even as a boy. God gave Daniel great wisdom and understanding. Exalted to vice president of Babylon, he served powerful kings. His colleagues tried to destroy him but found him blameless.

Though his godly life made him a target, and even in his old age ended him in a lion’s den, Daniel served God faithfully and trusted God implicitly. He was unwavering in his trust — a true hero.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sam Rohrer