Religious School in Britain Apologizes for Homework Assignment Requiring Students to Define Different Kinds of Pornography

Archbishop Sentamu Academy in England | Wikimedia Commons/Ian S

A religious school in the United Kingdom is apologizing after a homework assignment required students to define several kinds of pornography.

The headteacher of Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull said he is “sorry” if the homework led some students to research it online and access illicit content. The assignment, which asked students to define terms such as “sexting,” “revenge porn,” “hardcore porn” and “transgender pornography,” was given to children ages 11 through 14 as part of the “Personal, Social and Health Education” curriculum, the BBC reported.

Students were also asked to define the topics of female genital mutilation and breast ironing in addition to questions about alcohol and drug use.

Local parents were outraged.

“I’m just thinking is there kids out there who have done this work? You would be scared at what you saw. At 11 I was playing with Barbies. If they have seen it they can’t unsee it,” one mother told The Daily Mail, who asked only to be quoted as Mrs. Taylor.

The 34-year-old mother continued: “‘She was only in primary school last year living her best life, now she is being asked to search for hardcore pornography. She’s 11, she should be doing stranger danger, and don’t share your info online, but genital mutilation is another thing. It was asking about male circumcision, breast ironing … I don’t even know what that is myself.”

“They have been told to use Google and she would have searched it. I did Google hardcore porn and some of the images that came up was quite disturbing.”

The mother explained she was not opposed to all sex education but objected to content that would destroy their minds.

Another local man, Leon Dagon, a 25-year-old with a 13-year-old sister at the school took to social media to voice his disgust: “The majority of children nowadays will now go on the internet to help them with their homework and if you type that kind of thing on the internet, God knows what’s going to pop up.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter