Pastor and Author Beth Jones Says Biblical Story of Widowed Mother With Two Sons Offers Encouraging Message of Reinvention for Single Moms

Pastor and author Beth Jones says the biblical story of a widowed mother with two boys who went from being desperate to completely reinvented by God is an example women can look to for inspiration today. 

Jones, whose television show “The Basics With Beth” airs on several networks internationally, founded Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband, Jeff. The mother of four adult children hopes her new book, Reinvent, will serve to help women of all ages uncover their “new you!”

The following is an edited transcript of Jones’ interview with The Christian Post where she talks about her own upbringing and how mothers everywhere can find transformation in God — heart, mind, body and soul.

CP: Mother’s Day is a time where everyone seems to appreciate their mom. Your new book is dedicated to your own mother, tell us a little bit about your experience of growing up in a single-parent home?

Jones: My mom was my hero! When I was 8 years old we sat in a Kroger [supermarket] parking lot and she told me things weren’t working out with her and my dad. Everything changed that day and I remember walking around school in a daze as I didn’t know any other kids whose parents had split up.

I am the oldest of four girls and somehow, as a third grader, I knew I had to help my mom “raise” my younger sisters (as if I knew anything about raising anyone!). Over the next five years my parents were separated, back together, separated and finally divorced when I was 13 years old. From that point on our home was a sorority with mom and her four girls.

In many ways, it was fun — maybe because we had far too many freedoms — stealing mom’s cigarettes, drinking her vodka, and living without a curfew made my house the place to hang out. Everyone loved my mom and I was proud to be raised by my single mom. Many years later, when I came to Christ, I was able to lead my entire family to the Lord. While my parents never got back together, both remarried others, Jesus did a wonderful work of salvation and restoration in all of our relationships. These days both of my parents are in Heaven and I am so grateful for them both and happy to know they are with the Lord. I share a bit of this story in Reinvent.

CP: Where did the idea of Reinvent come from?

Jones: Over 20 years ago I was preparing to speak to 500 Christian business people when the Lord “unpacked” 2 Kings 4 and the revelation of reinvention to me. He helped me to see how a widowed, single mom with two boys went from being in a desperate crisis to experiencing a God-touched reinvention. As she followed the guidance given by the prophet Elisha, she became a successful entrepreneur in the “oil business” with her boys. (Perhaps the first “essential oils” sales lady!) I affectionately call her the maven. She discovered God’s reinvention roadmap by answering four questions embedded in the story.

The four questions are: What do you want? What do you have? What will you do? Why will you do it?

Like her, when we answer those questions, God helps us to write the reinvention roadmap we need. This is the whole premise of my book, Reinvent!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law