New Report from Family Research Council Documents How Sex Education in Public Schools is Sexualizing and Manipulating Children

A new publication from a leading family advocacy group extensively documents the radical, explicit content and significant changes that have occurred in public schools nationwide regarding comprehensive sex education.

The Family Research Council released on Friday a new report, called “Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination,” which outlines how sex education is taught in U.S. public schools, and why parents ought to be alert and concerned.

Among the lessons being taught to public schoolchildren in the United States today are “how to” sex workshops where youth are instructed how to consent to sex, and “fake abstinence” — abstaining from sex until the next steady boyfriend or girlfriend. The FRC report also explains how contemporary sex ed curricula promote how minors can obtain abortions and hide if from their parents so they never have to know, how students are pressured to declare themselves LGBT “allies,” and how it pushes the transgender claim that they might have been “born in the wrong body.”

“Well-funded international pressure groups have been extraordinarily successful in pushing agenda-driven curricula that sexualizes children and promotes a ‘sexual rights’ ideology among youth. School systems are devoting significant classroom time to these programs — 70 classroom hours per child in some cases — even while American public schools are failing to fulfill their core mission,” Cathy Ruse, FRC  senior fellow and director of human dignity, said in a statement about the new report.

“Today’s sex ed lessons can be highly manipulative — carefully designed to get children to approve of the concept of sexual rights and fluid sexual ‘identities,’ and to reject their religious beliefs, the authority of their parents, and even physical reality itself.”

Ruse has been at the forefront of activism in Fairfax County, Virginia, which neighbors Washington, D.C., and is an influential, populous school district where many policies are first tested. In part because of its influence and proximity to the nation’s capital, school districts around the nation routinely pattern their own policies after what goes on in Fairfax County.

The new publication explains how education has become indoctrination and how school administrators and board leaders have asserted themselves as the authorities over the parental objections regarding sexuality.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter