Michael Brown on To Pink News and the Friendly Atheist: If You Are So Secure in Your Position, Why Must You Lie About Mine?

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It’s one thing when your ideological opponents reject your position. That’s part of disagreement and debate. It’s another thing when your opponents willfully misrepresent and even lie about your position. That is actually a sign of the weakness of their own position. If they were on the side of truth, they would not need to demonize their opponents or fabricate straw men.

When it comes to the culture wars, it’s a given that the moment you differ with the standard LGBTQ talking points, you will be branded a bigot, a hater and a homophobe. You will be compared to Hitler, ISIS and worse. This has been the reality for decades.

But as ugly and revealing as these name-calling tactics are, it’s even more revealing when your ideological opponents simply lie about your position.

For example, in response to my article bemoaning the fact that Anderson Cooper’s son would not be raised by his mother, Emma Powys Maurice at Pink News wrote, “Right-wing radio host Michael Brown, a man with a long history of anti-LGBT+ diatribes linking homosexuality with paedophilia, decided to chime in on his podcast Line of Fire.”

Her article then interacts with my article, fairly and at length, and ends with this: “We’d urge him to consider whether the saddest thing could be that a right-wing pundit is reading tragedy into the birth of a child and fabricating problems for him before he’s even a week old—but that’s just us.”

That was a gracious way to end the article, and I do appreciate it, Emma.

To be sure, Pink News used quite an interesting screenshot of me (classic!). And its headline was not too subtle: “Homophobe uses tragically flawed argument to explain why we shouldn’t celebrate Anderson Cooper becoming a dad.”

But it was the second sentence of the article that was so telling, with the volatile claim that I have “a long history of anti-LGBT+ diatribes linking homosexuality with paedophilia.” Thankfully, Pink News provided a link to an article of mine, titled, “Is God Responsible for a Pedophile’s Attractions?

The article began with these words, printed in italics for emphasis: “To ensure that there is no misunderstanding of any kind, please say these words out loud, slowly and clearly: Michael Brown is not comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. Michael Brown is not calling homosexuals pedophiles. Michael Brown is not comparing a mutually consensual, adult relationship to an abusive, adult-child relationship.”

Could I have made the point any more clearly? I went out of my way to start the article with a major caveat, printed in italics, to be 100% sure no one could misunderstand or misrepresent my point. Yet that is exactly what Pink News did, and willfully so, it would appear. Why?

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SOURCE: Charisma News

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