Michael Brown on Digging Deeper Into the Question of Racism in America

Supporters of the Georgia NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) wearing protective masks protest after the death in February of Ahmaud Arbery. (REUTERS/Dustin Chambers TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Does “systemic racism” still exist in America? If by systemic racism, we mean Jim Crow laws or legalized slavery or enforced segregation, the answer is obviously not. If by systemic racism, we mean that black Americans still do not enjoy total equality with white Americans, then the answer would be yes. And I believe I can demonstrate that thesis with one simple question.

But before I pose the question and before some of you write me off as a guilt-ridden white man, know that I am anything but that.

First, I love and appreciate America, despite our many obvious flaws. Having traveled outside the USA about 200 times, I recognize how uniquely blessed our country is.

Second, I believe we do have some deep and lasting Christian roots as a nation, despite the many un-Christian practices and policies in our history. And I believe these Christian roots are a key to our national, historic success.

Third, I do not believe we should be making reparations today for slavery, nor do I believe that a fair-minded white American should feel responsible for the sins of the slaveowners and segregationists of the past.

Fourth, I believe that racism exists on all sides, and I reject the idea that you can only be racist when you are part of the ruling majority. Racism is a condition of the heart, and everyone can fall prey to it.

Having said that, I do believe that, while the term “systemic racism” may not fully apply to America today, the term “system unfairness” certainly does apply.

Allow me to explain.

In response to my article “Some Honest Questions About Race Relations in America,” in which I wrote about the shooting of Ahmaud Arberry, a commenter on my website posted: “When people may ask ‘what did the Black guy do’? As opposed to ‘why was the black man’s life taken’ … it may be because of the high criminality statistics of Blacks. Especially Black males. The statistics are horrible. Black on White Crime far exceeds White on Black crime in almost every area of criminal prosecution such as armed robbery, rape, murder. The state of Maryland has 75% Black incarceration! 1 in 4 Death row inmates are Black. And [then] you incredulously wonder why people are asking ‘What did the Black guy do’??”

In other words, it’s no wonder that two white men shot and killed an unarmed black man jogging through their neighborhood. Those blacks, especially black men, are really dangerous. After all, statistics do not lie.

And certainly, the statistics are troubling. (I haven’t posed my simple question yet, but I’m almost there. Please be patient.)

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SOURCE: Charisma News

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