Michael Brown on A Response to Professor Avi Bell: You Misrepresent Jewish Believers in Jesus

Professor Avi Bell (Facebook/Avi Bell)

Dear Professor Bell,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my May 17 article in Haaretz and for responding to me directly in your article of May 19. Allow me to respond to you.

In the first line of your article, you referenced GOD TV’s Hebrew speaking channel in Israel, Shelanu, claiming that it “employs [my] services.” That is incorrect. I am not employed by GOD TV or Shelanu. While a minor point, truth is important.

You wrote, “I rather doubt that you are interested in real dialogue.”

To the contrary, for the last 48 years, as a Jewish believer in Jesus and a serious student of the Scriptures, I have engaged in continuous dialogue, discussion and debate with the Jewish community. This includes thousands of hours of private discussions and many public debates and dialogues, including more than 20 with my dear friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

I welcome healthy interaction in the spirit of the Talmudic phrase, shakla vetarya, and I love for my views to be challenged in the court of public opinion as well as in private. My door is wide open to you. Shall we continue?

You wrote, “Many Jews, in Israel and elsewhere in the world, are offended by GOD TV’s missionary activity, which is also in direct violation of its broadcasting license.”

Yes, as someone who has devoted many years of my life to exposing the sins of the church against the Jewish people, I’m quite aware that many Jews are offended of any mention of Jesus-Yeshua. In my home, growing up in New York, the name “Jesus Christ” could be used as profanity.

That’s why Ward Simpson’s initial public announcement caused such a stir, and that’s why he, as CEO of GOD TV, immediately pulled it. But he did not pull the video to be deceptive. Rather, he did it to avoid undue offense.

As for Shelanu itself, contrary to your statement, it is operating 100% in harmony with its broadcasting license. This is according to information released by the Israeli board members of Shelanu and confirmed by their attorney. Unfortunately, later in your article, you claim that Shelanu wants to “defraud Israeli regulatory authorities” and that it “violates our laws.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News