Locusts, Coronavirus, and Floods Plague Ethiopia

Image depicts Dr. Addisalem Gebresilassie, a 27-year-old doctor who received help through Compassion sponsorship. Today she’s part of the frontline fight against COVID-19. Read about it here.

Before COVID-19 arrived in East Africa, Ethiopians were – and still are – fighting one of the worst desert locust plagues in modern history. Now, severe flooding is decimating any crops that survived the locusts.

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One-third of all Ethiopians live in severe poverty, existing on less than two dollars a day. Natural or manmade disasters often hit these communities the hardest. Compassion International cares for impoverished kids, bringing them hope in Jesus’ Name.

The ministry’s latest efforts in Ethiopia include a nationwide radio broadcast, Girum Getachew says. “We are collaborating with the government and with [the Council of Evangelical Christians in Ethiopia] and making every day a broadcast,” he explains.

Pandemic restrictions stopped religious gatherings of every kind, so national media outlets began broadcasting services. The evangelical council calls people to repentance, prayer, and fasting in its daily one-hour program. Getachew says a portion of the program, supported by Compassion, offers kid-friendly services, prayer, and worship.

“God has allowed us to [reach these] children and the families, and also the whole Ethiopian Christian community, to transfer our message of peace [and] encourage the children. Children are the most vulnerable parts of society at this [time].”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for Compassion and its church partners as they offer help and hope in Jesus’ Name.
  • Intercede for Ethiopian believers; ask the Lord for provision and strength to get through these challenging times.