Lisa Bevere on This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of Strength

Strength. When you think of that word, what comes to mind?

Is it physical strength, the kind that conjures up images of toned abs and marathon runners?

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Is it mental strength, the kind that’s required to undergo an intense interrogation or to fight a lifelong battle with an autoimmune disease?

Is it emotional strength, the kind it takes to rear a child, to mother during the ups and downs, all to watch your world spread their wings and leave the nest?

Or is it a spiritual strength, the kind of relationship with Jesus that can weather the strongest of storms and steady our souls during the most uncertain times?

Mothers are some of the strongest people I know. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fortitude required during all ages and stages of child-rearing is tremendous. And in today’s unprecedented times, it seems the amount of strength required has increased exponentially.

Caring for the mental and emotional wellbeing of their children, explaining a pandemic and navigating their anxieties and emotions.

Caring for the physical needs of their children (and often others) around the clock, with no school day to provide a short break from the ongoing work.

Balancing work responsibilities with 24/7 parenting responsibilities.

Continuing their child’s education from home.

Worrying about their grown children and grandchildren, wishing so badly they could wrap their arms around them. 

Doing all of this in isolation, without the physical assistance of their communities, extended families, and friends.

Mothering is hard; it’s the longest and most rewarding marathon many of us will ever run. And as such, it requires women to be strong.

Yet in Christian circles, being strong is often considered wrong.

Too often, Christian women are associated with weakness rather than strength.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Lisa Bevere

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