Justin Bieber Says Premarital Sex is a ‘Blinder’ and ‘Clouds Your Judgment and Decision-Making’ on Whether a Person is Right for You, Encourages Couples to Focus on ‘Building Trust’ With Each Other

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin reportedly get engaged in Bahamas, July 8, 2018. | (Screenshot: Instagram)

Justin Bieber offered his Christian friends some advice in a recent Instagram live video and maintained that sex clouds a relationship and one’s ability to know if a person is right for them.

The pop star was a guest on Pastor Rich Wilkerson’s Instagram live this week and offered relationship advice for the pastor’s good friend, David Dee Duron. He asked Duron about his prior relationships and whether or not he had ever been intimate.

“As we know that stuff can cloud your judgment and cloud your decision making, and cloud whether you know that that person is right for you or not because there’s that, that’s kind of a blinder,” Bieber said about premarital sex.

“I think when I really got serious with Hailey is when I stopped having sex because it made things super clear to me. I was able to really build that foundation with her, build that trust. She was able to take me seriously and know if I’m not doing it with her then I’m not doing it with anybody else and she kind of got to trust me in that aspect,” the newlywed revealed.


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Bieber, 26, and Hailey, 23, were married in a civil ceremony at a courthouse in New York in September 2018. TMZ first broke the news that the couple rekindled their romance and were in an on-and-off relationship over the last three years.

“Every relationship is different because certain relationships have baggage,” Bieber continued in the Instagram live.

“Hailey and I started years ago and like we had an on and off thing and had some trust issues and stuff but I think for the most part like consistency and time really shows. You get to see the person’s character with time. When you’re consistent and you’re walking with Jesus, I think, as that person sees you constantly doing the same thing, making the same effort every day, they start to trust that is the person that you are. In areas where you are growing, they get to see that that’s where your head’s at, that’s where your mind’s at and you constantly are speaking things into existence and that becomes your reality.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law