Jay Lowder on Four Reasons Why We Fall Into Hardships

Pain often comes without prelude.

This is certainly true for most of us suffering from the effects of COVID-19. This pandemic is the greatest “pit” many have ever experienced, and it comes with great losses – loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of freedom or loss of security.

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But this won’t be the last pit of life we face. Right now, COVID-19 is our collective pit, but pits come in all shapes and sizes – divorce, abuse, addiction, self-violence, depression, bankruptcy, death, poverty and more.

Jesus assured us that we will have trouble in this world. I know that I feel like I’ve had my fair share, and I realize that my trials are a breeze in comparison to some. But still, if we are to have trouble, I find it more freeing to know as much as we can about those pits before we fall into them. Just as God instructed us to be ever watchful for Satan’s evil tactics, I think it is prudent to learn about life’s pits.

There are four distinct reasons we land in a pit:

1. Sometimes, we land in a pit because of our poor choices.

We are the sum of the collective decisions we make each day. Even though it’s common in today’s society to transfer personal responsibility and find another place or person to assign blame, God says we will reap what we sow.

It’s unfair for us to blame God for the poor decisions we have made. A person who has spent 25 years as an alcoholic has no right to blame God for liver failure any more than a person who commits robbery has the right to blame God for being incarcerated. While we are busy asking God why He allows so much suffering in the world, it just might be that He would ask us the exact same question.

2. Sometimes, we land in a pit because of the choices of others.

Unfortunately, there are times when we are the collateral damage inflicted by the wicked decisions of others. This is one of the most difficult pits to endure and of which to make sense.

It may be a spouse’s affair, a mother’s neglect, a father’s abuse or a friend’s betrayal. Even more perplexing may be a senseless murder, a loved one killed by a drunk driver, someone sexually assaulted, genocide or terrorism.

At all times, but especially when in these particular pits, we must remember that God has chosen to give man a free will, which enables him to choose between right and wrong, good and evil, himself or Satan.

God’s design of free will is the consummate example of true love and provides us the opportunity to reject or receive Him, to do good to others or to do them harm.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jay Lowder

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