Easy Recipe for a One-pan Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Introduced On Tiktok Drives Social Media Users Wild

Yum! TikTok users are going wild for a video of a home cook from New Jersey making a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich — all in one pan in just a few minutes

TikTok users are making big breakfast plans after a home cook from New Jersey shared a very clever way to make a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich — all in one pan in just a few minutes.

The chef, who goes by ‘Al Dente Diva’ on her blog and social media channels, posted a how-to video for the all-in-one breakfast on January 28, and it has since gone viral.

The clip has now been viewed 15.9 million times — and countless other TikTok users have shared their recordings of themselves whipping up their own versions at home.

Al Dente Diva calls the sandwich a ‘breakfast trend,’ indicating that she picked up the recipe somewhere else — but she appears to have perfected it.

On Instagram, she describes it as a ‘kinda cool, a little weird but ultimately pretty awesome way to make a breakfast sandwich.’

First, she beats eggs and pours them into a nonstick pan.

As they start to cook, she puts two slices of bread directly into the egg, side by side. She quickly flips each piece, saturating the bread in egg.

When it’s cooked enough, she uses a spatula to flip the entire thing — egg and bread — over onto the other side.

The cook! The chef goes by ‘Al Dente Diva’

She then adds a slice of cheese to each piece of bread and a few slices of bacon before using the spatula to flip the excess egg around the side inward on top of the bread.

Finally, she flips one piece of bread up over the other — finishing off with an egg breakfast sandwich, all stuck together.

‘It worked!’ she said.

The sandwich — a cross between a bacon, egg, and cheese and a monte cristo — has quickly captured the salivating attention of other social media users.

A 19-year-old from Houston who tried it gave it a 10/10, while another woman said it was ‘actually good asf.’

Quite few had a bit trouble getting it to come out as neat as the original, and at least one complained that the bread was ‘crazy soggy’ — but most said even their sandwiches that weren’t ‘the prettiest’ still tasted delicious.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Carly Stern