WATCH: IRS Stimulus Debit Cards Being Cut Up, Mistakenly Reported As Scam

Millions of Americans still waiting for their stimulus check from the federal government may have received it and not realized it.

The IRS is sending out four-million stimulus payments in the form of Visa prepaid debit cards.

The problem is many taxpayers are expecting a paper check to show up in their mailbox, not a debit card.

As a result, some have cut it up thinking it wasn’t legitimate, which others have reported it as a scam.

Gail Parkin of Arlington said at first glance she thought it was a credit card.

“It came in a plain white envelope with a return address from Omaha, Nebraska,” she said. “It wasn’t until I read the pamphlet inside that I realized this was my stimulus payment.”

Parkin said she had to call more than a half of a dozen times and had to answer personal security questions to activate the card.

“I was becoming increasingly concerned that this was identity theft of some sorts. I really was,” she explained.

Parkin reported it to the FBI who referred her to the Federal Trade Commission.

After not receiving any answers, Parkin said there was only one way to find out if her card was real.

“I said to my husband, ‘Let’s go buy dinner with it. Let’s see if this works.’”

And it did.

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