YNW Melly Begs to be Released from Prison After Contracting Coronavirus

Broward County Sheriff

YNW Melly is stuck behind bars after testing positive for COVID-19, but his lawyer is trying hard to secure his release. Attorney Bradford Cohen announced he filed another motion to get Melly out of jail on Monday (April 6), detailing why his client is facing a dire situation.

“Just an update we are waiting to hear from the judge regarding the release of Mr Demons to receive medical care and treatment,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “Supplemental motion was filed today detailing the jail having Mr. Demons share a cell with another COVID19 positive inmate. This is not recommended by any medical physician.”

Cohen is asking the court to allow Melly to go on house arrest because the Broward County Jail is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. The incarcerated rapper would also pay for his own medical treatment.

“The jails and prisons are not prepared to handle this crisis,” Cohen asserted. “Rules on alcohol based hand sanitizer and wipes must be lifted at a bare min. Inmates are passing trays, jail phones and shared items that are not sanitized when passed between inmates.”

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SOURCE: HipHopDX, Justin Ivey