Trans World Radio’s New “Hope for Yemen” Radio Program Helps Yemen’s Few Christians Find Hope

A new radio program brings the hope of the risen Christ into the Middle East’s poorest country, ravaged by war and threatened by the coronavirus.

In many parts of the world, battling the coronavirus means staying inside and washing hands. In Yemen, it means taking a couple weeks off from civil war.

Christianity thrived early in Yemen’s history as early as the sixth century. Today, it holds just a tiny segment of Christians: Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant. Unfortunately, they can experience great persecution from the government and fellow citizens.

Plus, Yemen faces a horrible humanitarian crisis, one brought about by war. Both sides have manipulated the economy for the war effort, dooming civilians to poverty and hunger.

And now, the coronavirus

The Trans World Radio Director of Arabic Ministries says, “With the Coronavirus, we feel that it’s even in a worse situation nowadays, because they are not equipped, they are not ready to face such such an epidemic at this time.” That is why TWR wants to share with Yemen the message of hope in the risen Christ through the new radio program: Hope for Yemen.

This hope comes in two parts. First, the director says, “In the spiritual part, [we try] to share the message of hope, speaking the language of the Yemeni people, talking to them from their context and sharing with them the message of hope in a way that they can understand and put in their daily life.”

Hope for Yemen also offers practical advice on how to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, such as practicing good hygiene and disease awareness. The director says, “So we’re trying our best, using the tools that we have, to speak to Yemenis. To help them go through this trusting a God who can really help them, save them, and guarantee a better future for them through His sovereignty.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that many in Yemen would embrace the risen Christ.
  • Ask God to protect your brothers and sisters in Yemen, both from persecution and from hunger and poverty.
  • Pray that Yemen would be free from civil war, and that the coronavirus would not break out among the people there.