Thom S. Rainer on Church Will Never be the Same After the Coronavirus Pandemic

You will never get to return to your church.

Let me be clearer. When you return to gather for worship and fellowship and study, it will not be the same church before the coronavirus pandemic.

The world will never be the same. And neither will your church.

Many, if not most, of our churches are struggling and hurting. Some will not make it. The situation is bleak for many congregations.

But this period is also a time of opportunity. It is a time to rethink your church. It’s a time to shed “the way we’ve always done it” mindset and move into a new and exciting future.

For certain, we don’t change our views on the Word of God, the exclusivity of salvation through Christ, or any of the essential doctrines of the faith. But these days are a great time to rethink how you “do church.” Here are ten points to consider:

  1. What lessons can you learn from the digital world that you can apply anew on the other side of the pandemic? How can you do church differently digitally?
  2. How can you re-discover your community? How can you learn fresh their needs? How can you reach them with the gospel? We have a tool called Know Your Community. It’s a great place to start.
  3. What should your stewardship look like beyond the pandemic? Should you make some radical changes in how your church funds are used?
  4. Will COVID-19 cause you to rethink how you use your facilities? Can they be used for a greater gospel purpose?
  5. Those who create dissension in your church kill its spirit. Will you be willing to deal with them forthrightly in the future?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Thom S. Rainer